Create your own cryptocoin for your project with us.

Build a coin with us.

Create a SHA256/SCRYPT/X11/X13/X15/Xevan/PHI1612/Quark coin with source code at affordable prices.


Below prices for coin creation including source code and windows-qt wallet.

Algorithm Type Premine Price
X11/X13/X15/Xevan/PHI1612/Quark PoW or PoS 0% - 10% 0.035BTC
X11/X13/X15/Xevan/PHI1612/Quark PoW or PoS 11% - 20% 0.045BTC
X11/X13/X15/Xevan/PHI1612/Quark PoW or PoS 21% - 50% 0.060BTC
X11/X13/X15/Xevan/PHI1612/Quark PoW or PoS 51% - 100% 0.075BTC

Additional Services

Additional blockchain related services at affordable rates.

Service Price
Node Hosting 0.005BTC per month
Block Explorer Hosting 0.005BTC per month
Linux Wallet Free if you create the Coin With us, 0.01 btc for any other project

Get Quote

To build your own coin contact Enmanet Support Team via support with following details.

Coin Name (min. 2 letters, max. 12 letters)
Ticker (min. 2 letters, max. 5 letters)
Type (PoW or PoS)
Maximum Supply
Premine Amount
Block Reward
Block Halving
Block Timespan
Annual PoS Reward %, If PoS
Coin Min./Max. Age, If PoS

Additional services if require.

Linux Wallet
Node Hosting (min. 1 month, max. 12 months)
Block Explorer Hosting (min. 1 month, max. 12 months)

Send request via support with all of above details, quotation will be sent to your email address.